Our loving staff is well trained, qualified, and educated to assist the residents with their daily needs. Good relationships between residents and staff is very important to us. We treat our residents with respect and encourage independence to the best of there ability.  We provide 24/7 care, and staff that is awake at night to help assist residents if needed. We strive to make every effort to accommodate all of our residents individual needs.  

It takes special staff members to provide the love and care we want to have for our business.  Our staff is highly appreciated for the work they do on a day to day basis and we work closely together as a team.  We feel communication is a priority for us to have with our employees, residents and family members to provide the best care possible for our residents.     

All staff goes through a long process of training when hired and has continuing educational training throughout the year that is directed through Community Care Licensing to better accommodate the elderly.